How soon will my job be posted online?

Your posting will be up and running in seconds.

How are my job postings sorted and displayed to applicants?

Jobs are sorted and displayed to applicants based on two main criteria: 1) Whether the applicant meets the minimum job requirements you set and 2) Whether the applicant matches any of your city and industry selections.  Your job will not be seen by unqualified applicants so so only pre-qualified applicants can view and apply for your jobs.  This unique approach means you will only receive a small number highly qualified resumes saving you time and money.

When I post a job on other job boards, I'm used to getting a lot of resumes that I never look through.  How do I do that here?

That was a trick question.  You don't!  You will only receive a small number highly qualified resumes saving you time and money.

What can I do to get more pre-qualified applicants to apply for my job postings?

There are two things you can do: 1) Lower the minimum experience requirements if that can work for your business and 2) Increase the number of interested cities and industries to recruit from.  There's a lot of great talent looking for work outside of your city and industry.

I just want to recruit in my existing city and industry.  Can I do that?

Absolutely!  When you build your job posting just select your existing city and industry.  That's the beauty of it, you can pick any combination of cities and industries you'd like. You can do that from your Dashboard by signing in here.

I've seen other job boards advertise free job postings, why do I have to pay to post a job on Careers&Resumes?

There are some job boards that allow free job postings but it's typically just for a few days before their fees take effect.  In addition, job boards similar to Careers&Resumes charge hundreds of dollars for one posting. Our pricing is lower and simpler.  OK, that's all true and important but, the other reason is that we're a business with expenses just like you.  We are providing a service that we know works at a deep discount over our competitors because we believe that there are millions of untapped employees out there that businesses haven't traditionally been able to find.  By connecting these group we believe we're making a difference for small businesses and the economy as a whole.

OK, so if I give you my credit card information, how do I know it's safe?

Great question.  First of all, your credit card information never passes through or gets saved on our servers.  It's encrypted and handled by Stripe on their servers.  If you enjoy reading the technical side of online payment processing, you can read more here.  Secondly, we don't do recurring charges so there won't be any mysterious or unannounced charges to your card.  Again, pricing is simple and upfront.

Have some additional questions?  Send them to us.


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